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Jim Scholes is a founder and director of Strategos. Based in Strategos' London office, Jim is an expert in the use of systems thinking to bridge the gap between a company's ambitious strategy and its ability to implement it. Jim is also an authority on how senior management can identify and capitalize on an organization's "core competencies" - often overlooked skills that can be used in new ways to provide a significant competitive advantage. An author on strategy and systems thinking, Jim has helped numerous public and private sector organizations to create and implement successful growth strategies.

Jim co-authored the 1990 book, Soft Systems Methodology in Action, which has been translated into Japanese and Spanish. He is also the author of several articles on business strategy and systems thinking. His most recent article, "The Quest for New Wealth," was co-written with Gary Hamel and published in the April 1997 issue of Leader to Leader, a publication of the Drucker Foundation. Jim is visiting professor to the Management School at Lancaster University, UK.